Circle Hawks



“You’re silence is violence!” She had spent the summer yelling that at anyone who questioned the protests. Gathering in large, mostly white, groups of protesters screaming “black lives matter”, clap clap-clap clap, while holding signs demanding the orange man die. Calling people out for their ignorance made her feel like a hero. It gave her a sense of power. If she could force guilt on them then she new they obviously were.

One day at work she called her dyke coworker a “racist”. She, the dyke, had said that Obama was a warhawk, and that the “orange man” hadn’t started wars, and had planted seeds of middle eastern peace via the Abraham Accord. This was obvious support for trump and support for him in any way is definitely grounds for calling someone racist. And, also, criticizing someone who is black is just white supremacy. She smiled after pointing out her coworkers racism and told her to “do better”. She turned away with her pointer finger circling in the air.

One day, the Biden administration bombed Syria, yet again. The old warhawk just had to circle back on his old habits.

“So,” said the dyke while standing aside her office chair, “ Biden has gone back bombing, again.”

The woke coworker with the racist pointer finger, sitting on the office chair, focused on the computer screen in front of her, avoiding eye contact. The dyke continued, “ Has my silence lead to any violence? Cause I’m pretty certain that your vote did just that.”

Hello. What problem are you a part of today?

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