Avtually, while I actually quoted three, and not several, my best friend and I have happened upon the idea that you are indeed lumping by othering "people of...families".

My friend said that "he--you-- could see that poor families can be white, and so can the working class." My friend then added the idea of white privilege being more about disguising the minority of people.

I rejected, " Sooooo, I'm, like, not sure what you mean by that."

I then said that white privilege requires a persons skin colour to be considered first, despite circumstances. Otherwise, how can you tell if someone like does, or doesn't, have privilege? So , we agreed that one way for people to support white privilege is to exercise the belief in white privilege.

Which then lead us to like, say, like, totally, completely at the same time! "in order for white people to be privileged they have to be intentionally separated from all other classes of people!" We were both like, omigod!, unsure if we thought that at the same time, or if we said that at the same time. Which is funny cause we both know we both aren't natural blondes, but we don't say anything, but it really showed just at that moment were we shared, or like said, the exact same thing. Total sisters!

Anyhoooo, we then both agreed that we were straying from the answer we wanted to simply post for brevities sake. But, like, we also felt satisfied that my original assessment seemed fair despite hoping that we would learn a new thing about lists in regards to "Listing" and "separately". We didn't. We even goo-gelled "separate listings" but we only got bothered by how expensive the housing market is.

It's "kinda white privilege" to list people under a certain way of thinking, or not thinking, because of the colour of their skin.

Hello. My pronouns are bio/logical. God is a plural.

Hello. My pronouns are bio/logical. God is a plural.