— poem —

Someone answered me on TV

Someone not with my vote

That someone, however, not wearing a mask back at me.

Her back was from the screen. Basically an extra in politics. I watched for how empty the room was. What I could think of the extra space. How loud…

He enters a downtown corporate cafe. He orders. The barista steams his specific drink then hands him his dry latte. He taps. No tip prompt? Another customer approaches from behind.

He offers a Loonie. She says no. He shrugs and places it in front of the till. She smiles, nodding once. The other customer stiffens, then accuses, “She said no, man!”

“Just the tip?” Sasses the tipper.

“Seriously? No!”

The barista nods. The tipper leaves the downtown corporate cafe. The complainant rants on about “It’s not funny, for anyone!”

The next morning management tapes up a “No tip jar” sign.

Covidian Poem

The only variant of concern

The Media Variant:

  • Turn the phone on
  • Your eyes light up
  • Spotlights for Covid

You see: Unvaccinated: Vaccinated Anti-Vaxxers: The problem with outdated perimeters: Neo desires for a classical division: Rigorous shadows: Passports for breakfast.

You say those deniers are watching youtube —…

By Kyngtrampstamp

Part1: Going down

He stood at the sidewalk looking down at the storefront with the neon pot leaf. He walked down the concrete steps and checked out his reflection in the glass store front. A scarf raised around his face. His faux lined hood covering the rest of…

By Kyngtrampstamp

The glass greenhouse stood to the side of him. A small family, who had taken up the abandoned green house, stood opposing him. A pile of potatoes at their backs.

“Look, girly, i didn’t mean anything, I just — “

The girly interrupted, “Don’t fucking say that! You…

Many Times



Him and his wife met at a church youth group. They discussed: Christ, family, politics, real marriage, fake weddings.

“Children have to be raised by both a man and a woman. That’s it. They need that balance to enter society. It’s not fair for them to…


Hello. My pronouns are bio/logical. God is a plural.

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