“I was thinking about it yesterday while biking. You gotta remember each turn you’ve plotted to get like colours on each side,” He smiles at me. Holding his Rubik’s cube.

“I’ve no idea what you’re saying.” I go back to scrolling my newsfeed. Finding nothing new I open another app. I scroll. Nothing. Next app. I scroll. We’re on our fifteen.

“Look! A full side!”

I side glance at his cube. One side. All blue. Out of the corner of my eye my thumb swipes up. I look back at my newsfeed, trying to see what I was scrolling for.

Columbian Speedcuber Angel Alvarado





My cat sees it

If I sit and scribble

I know it will hear me

If I keep beating my head against the wall

I know it won’t kill me

If I look from left to right I know it will come for me

From Failure:

-My finger tips will click

-Will flick from my throat

-A ball to the skull

Uncrumple the paper…

The four sides of what I wrote.



He enters a downtown corporate cafe. He orders. The barista steams his specific drink then hands him his dry latte. He taps. No tip prompt? Another customer approaches from behind.

He offers a Loonie. She says no. He shrugs and places it in front of the till. She smiles, nodding once. The other customer stiffens, then accuses, “She said no, man!”

“Just the tip?” Sasses the tipper.

“Seriously? No!”

The barista nods. The tipper leaves the downtown corporate cafe. The complainant rants on about “It’s not funny, for anyone!”

The next morning management tapes up a “No tip jar” sign.





Hello. My pronouns are bio/logical. God is a plural.