Circle Hawks



“You’re silence is violence!” She had spent the summer yelling that at anyone who questioned the protests. Gathering in large, mostly white, groups of protesters screaming “black lives matter”, clap clap-clap clap, while holding signs demanding the orange man die. Calling people out for their ignorance made her feel like a hero. It gave her a sense of power. If she could force guilt on them then she new they obviously were.

One day at work she called her dyke coworker a “racist”. She, the dyke, had said that Obama was a warhawk, and that the…

By Kyngtrampstamp

Part1: Going down

He stood at the sidewalk looking down at the storefront with the neon pot leaf. He walked down the concrete steps and checked out his reflection in the glass store front. A scarf raised around his face. His faux lined hood covering the rest of his head. Just the eyes showed. He hoped no one would ask to see if he had a mask on his face. He made every effort not to wear one. This was his attempt at sneaky civil disobedience.

He stepped down into the store and searched along the glass display…

By Kyngtrampstamp

The glass greenhouse stood to the side of him. A small family, who had taken up the abandoned green house, stood opposing him. A pile of potatoes at their backs.

“Look, girly, i didn’t mean anything, I just — “

The girly interrupted, “Don’t fucking say that! You don’t know what I am. I am not a girl. I’m a they. That’s not my pronoun you fasCISt DICKtator. You fucking patriar — !”

He felt his heart stretch like an overblown balloon. It popped. He pulled out the revolver from the back pocket of his Eddie Bauer bluejeans…

Many Times



Him and his wife met at a church youth group. They discussed: Christ, family, politics, real marriage, fake weddings.

“Children have to be raised by both a man and a woman. That’s it. They need that balance to enter society. It’s not fair for them to brought up in that confusion. What kind of life is that?”

She smiled with him, agreeing that every man and woman needed to find the one. That the family was the pillar to society. That love between a man and a woman was true and unshakeable.

A while later, and…


Hello. What problem are you a part of today?

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